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What Is XJWS-UNCHAINED? by Chris Ryan



The Definition of Support:
1. To sustain under trial or affliction: They supported him throughout his ordeal
2. To uphold by aiding one's countenance.
3. To maintain or advocate.

 Sometimes just having a shoulder to lean on or a sympathetic ear to listen is all you need. All of our stories are different and we are all on different paths of recapturing our lives. Along that path, we may need a little, or a lot of support or even be able to give support. 

 Since we all know and understand how pervasive this cult is, we can understand why someone may be triggered or react a certain way. Having others that understand on the same level because of shared experiences is vital. Know that you are not alone... Your reactions are normal, and if you are having problems it can be worked through. 

 At XJWS-UNCHAINED, the focus is on Support as well as Recovery. Life is dynamic, always in motion, messy and chaotic. Everyone needs support at one time or another no matter how recovered you may be. By sharing and participating concerning our day to day lives, we show that we are good people and thriving... Unlike what the cult says about us. 


The Definition of Recovery:
1. The regaining of or possibility of regaining something lost or taken away. 
2. Restoration or return to health from sickness. (both mental and physical)
3. Restoration or return to any former and better state or condition. 

 We are here to recover from the damage sustained from having been Jehovah's Witnesses or having been merely associated with themRecovery is actually just a chapter in healing. No matter how short or lengthy a period of difficulty or injury one has, things don't always return back to normal in our lives. We all carry scars from the traumas that life throws at us be it emotional, mental or physical. 

 If you are here, it is because you have endured the cult and want to recover your life and lead it as normal as normal gets. We all know that our lives will never be the exact same or like others; this is especially true for ones raised in the cult and have never experienced life outside of it. 

Make Real Friends

 While we walk on our own unique path towards recovery from having been Jehovah's Witnesses, supporting one another along the way, we get to know one another and make real friends. Some of us have no friends after leaving the Watchtower. Some of us do have friends but they may not relate to what we've been through. 

 True and lasting friendships can be forged recovering together and supporting one another. Fellow feeling, solidarity, and loyalty are important things to gain after leaving the cult. It makes us stronger and brings people closer together. It is our hope that you will gain real friends here and be there for them, as we will also strive to be there for you!

Our Hopes For This Forum: 

• To be a place for giving and receiving support and understanding 
• To be accepted for who you are even while you are still trying to figure that out 
• To be an example for ones wanting to leave that life does exist after the cult 
• To get courage in order to be your own advocate 

This forum is a ‘living forum’ and will grow as needed through your contributions. This is not just the Administrator's or the Moderator's forum, it belongs to everyone that uses and contributes to it, even if that contribution is one post or a 'Like'...


The XJWS-UNCHAINED Administrators

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