How My Life Has Improved Since I Left The JWs

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Thehotone4u2: I'm not in service today. I'm watching football! Sept 22, 2019 11:09:18 GMT -7
friendlyjokster: I'd like to use a stack of anywhere up to about 50 Watchtower and/or Awake! magazines for a light-hearted silly JW-fun-poking Halloween decoration idea I have. Any edition, any condition, any number, doesn't matter.
Can u help me find some cheap? Thanks!
Sept 22, 2019 20:00:18 GMT -7
Shimmerjet: where are you based jokester? Maybe someone near you who can help? Sept 23, 2019 0:40:00 GMT -7
friendlyjokster: Thanks, Jet. I just sent a letter to Wallkill HQ, I'll see how that goes. Sept 23, 2019 7:01:22 GMT -7
Shimmerjet: awesome, keep us updated on your project? Sept 23, 2019 13:14:46 GMT -7
Thehotone4u2: Sounds fun1 Sept 25, 2019 22:30:36 GMT -7
Rusholme: hope everyone is doing alright! Sept 27, 2019 10:33:55 GMT -7
Thehotone4u2: Hey Rush! How are things? Oct 2, 2019 19:19:59 GMT -7
Arlis Scott: Hello Everyone! Just came back from my trip to Utah. Wish I had been able to go down south and visit Chris and family, but couldn't do it this time. But go a twisted left ankle on the last day I was there, got wheel chair though all airports. Ha ha Oct 13, 2019 11:47:18 GMT -7
Shimmerjet: hope the ankle is fixed up soon. Oct 14, 2019 0:57:59 GMT -7
Thehotone4u2: Yikes! That's terrible Arlis! (I think!) Oct 19, 2019 22:17:16 GMT -7
Rusholme: cheers everyone! Oct 26, 2019 7:47:03 GMT -7
Shimmerjet: I have met and remet people from present and past lately, all good on all counts, all cult free, all happy, best live ever c Oct 27, 2019 0:53:41 GMT -7
Thehotone4u2: I am surprised at the number of people I know that used to be JW! Crazy! All happy! Oct 27, 2019 20:32:45 GMT -7
Marlborobarbie: i love y'all!!!!!!!!!!!! Nov 7, 2019 6:52:00 GMT -7
Thehotone4u2: Yay! MB's back!! 5Ha Ha Nov 7, 2019 19:57:14 GMT -7
Thehotone4u2: Well I'm back to work y'all! Got a gig doing completions. I pays well and it's right up my alley. Nov 7, 2019 19:57:51 GMT -7
Shimmerjet: hey mb x, and geeze hotone thought you retired? Nov 8, 2019 22:05:25 GMT -7
Thehotone4u2: All my friends are dying! Putting another one in the ground next week. Nov 12, 2019 23:16:16 GMT -7
friendlyjokster: Above, in Sept, I was looking for couple dozen Watchtower/Awake magazines. National HQ sent me to local. Local folks knocked on my door, gave me 1 copy each of 2 issues, and sent me back to National for bulk order. Oh well. Suggestions welcome! Thanks! Nov 16, 2019 7:38:08 GMT -7
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